Dr Stuart Y Kaplan is one of the premier creators of guided meditations. His recordings have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people around the world.

His interest in the power the mind has in creating the life of our dreams began over forty years ago when he spent most of his military service in isolation at remote locations. He began an in depth study and practice of yoga and was intrigued by the fact that the first definition of that discipline as described by the man who first codified it was "yoga is control of the mind". Upon discharge from the military he traveled the world finding teachers considered to be masters of their minds. He became a teacher of yoga in 1975 after intense study with one of these teachers Swami SatChidAnanda.

His interest in the potentials of the mind and body inspired him to became a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1980. He has continued to deepen his knowledge of the mind throughout his career as a holistic healer through many continuing education courses as well as by taking time to listen to over a hundred thousand patients as they described their health issues. The role the mind played in people's health became obvious and his focus has been on mastering techniques to harness the tremendous potential of the mind. He became a certified hypnotherapist in 2010 and began to create recordings to help his patients use the power of autosuggestion to improve unfavorable life situations, their health and their social and athletic activities.

Dr Kaplan maintains his holistic healing practice in the mountains of North Carolina where he enjoys hiking, teaching yoga and meditation and participating as well as leading men's group workshops.