You have most likely come to this web site looking for improved health.  My heartfelt desire is to provide the services that will help you achieve that goal. My passion for the last thirty nine years has been researching methods of healing that effectively bring vibrant health to body, mind and spirit.   I can't imagine anything more rewarding than being able to ease people's discomfort and assist them to achieve new levels of health.   The approach used in my office has evolved  from  decades of study and practice and is unique for each patient.  The word chiropractic means "hand practice" and at About Health Chiropractic you will be treated by compassionate hands and a loving heart guided by lessons learned from administrating over two hundred thousand chiropractic adjustments and decades of research . Human touch itself is so comforting and healing, when that touch is combined with the skill to correct misalignment's and free the innate intelligence of the body, miraculous healing is possible. My goal is to not only correct structural abnormalities but to address the cause, be it genetic, environmental or lifestyle related. The comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan available in my office will address all possibilities. It is a great honor that my patients put their most valuable possession, their health , in my hands. If you are in the mountains of North Carolina, and are seeking holistic care,  call my office at 828 263 8007. We can discuss your health concerns and answer any questions you may ha

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